This Week’s Crypto Winners

This week, we’ve kept our analysis restricted to coins with over $500,000 of daily volume, since sometimes we see altcoins go through massive swings due to technicals more than anything.


Bezant (BZNT) is an electronic payments platform with international goals. Their goal is to make digital content accessible everywhere, without people having to worry about border restrictions. The company has a very “David and Goliath” type vibe to them, in that they are trying to fight the oligopolies currently present in the e-commerce and digital content industries. The last week has yielded a 116.59% climb (both in terms of BTC and USD), but there is no recent news regarding the company.

Vipstar Coin

Vipstar Coin is a Japanese based cryptocurrency that went through a massive spike on November 26th due to completing the swap of 10 billion VIPS coins. Most of the press around this coin is in Japanese, so the news is rather opaque, but the news of last Monday is what elevated the coin 98.03% to a price level around $0.00000004 BTC, which it has maintained ever since. The coin is generally meant to manage payments between members of the VIP community of 5channel, but they hope others adopt it as well.


News around the KNOW coin is very opaque, but it appears to be the proprietary cryptocurrency of the Kryptono exchange. This exchange utilizes advanced technology to aid traders in getting the best experience possible. As with most companies in the crypto space, their goal is to increase accessibility to cryptocurrencies so everyone can invest in them. Based on news from their Twitter account, the increase in price can be attributed to rewards being distributed to customers in the form of KNOW.


Cube went through a 77.72% increase this week, with much of the increase occurring over the weekend. This coin is not to be confused with DigiCube (CUBE), and has the ticker AUTO. Cube has a rank of 190 in terms of market capitalization. The company is focused on the security and privacy concerns that come with autonomous vehicles and connected cars. Since communication will be such a big issue here, it is essential that we are able to securely manage these networks, which is what this Japanese startup is focused on.


PumaPay had experienced a 73.14% increase, with most of that happening in the latter half of the week. The company is focused on creating an advanced billing infrastructure for merchants that will allow them to use smart contracts to model different payment scenarios over the blockchain. In recent news, PumaPay has named Chris Na their South Korean ambassador, which has helped in the wake of some potential scam rumours that worked out to be overblown.

Disclaimer: The author owns bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins, but does not engage in short-term or day-trading.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock.