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I often dwell on Youtube live streams of crypto traders from around the world. Most of the time it’s about technical jargon I am not really interested in, but sometimes you will get some good information on a currency that you didn’t otherwise know about. However, what sticks out to me most about these rooms (and why I love them the most) is that people from all walks off life on earth bomb in on the audio chat in different accents, “IS NOW A GOOD TIME TO BUY XYZ?” Russian dockworkers, Australian insurance salesman, Silicon Valley engineers; all of these people are scared to death put their feet in the water. Today, thankfully, I can answer all of those people. It is now a good day to buy XYZ.

Every single one of you created your accounts for today. Not to trade when its 20% up because of a tweet. When scared people cash out, you cash in. If you aren’t comfortable with that, unregulated speculative markets may not be for you. There are functioning businesses with valuable coins that are 20-30% down as of this publication.

From where I am sitting, everything looks good here. Ethereum in the low thousand, Litecoin sub $200, XRP nearing $1. These are lows. We haven’t seen these prices in a while. The reason this is occurring is reportedly because South Korea is moving back and forth like a ping pong ball on cryptocurrency regulation. The speculative 1000x return $.001 currencies will be hit much harder from this than the functioning businesses if South Koreans are restricted from trade. The strongest speculators are South Koreans. If they are hindered, a lot of the speculative coins may be affected.

What am I looking at today? What I have been looking at for a while now. Platforms. I want places where businesses can go, and are already going. Currently, I have become enchanted with Stellar/NEO/Ethereum/Komodo’s (and Ripple, not so much XRP) way of doing business.


Jed McCaleb is not a man to discount. He designed the Ripple way of functioning with US entities, and I believe he has done it again, but more on the B2C side, and I didn’t mean business 2 consumer. I meant broker 2 consumer. His platform can now mass produce/customize tokens that are going to be compliant with United States laws. KYC information, AML procedures, all the bells and whistles you need for a Texan to smile. Call me a sell out, but if no one wants to follow the rules, they won’t be getting their dinner. If Stellar’s ICO platform has an imbedded value of having the functionality to deposit and settle themselves in bank/investment accounts compliantly, we have a competitive advantage you ain’t never getting past. When’s the last time you searched something on Yahoo? Bing?


I am not naive enough to think that other platforms that aren’t functioning in the US aren’t worth investing. NEO’s DAPP platform (a place where people can set up store fronts) is one of the most advanced, allowing the creators on their network a lot of room to design DAPP businesses. This is an enormous platform, just like Ethereum. Every road can have a good High Street for shopping for specific things. Or, only one could survive. I don’t intend on putting my eggs in one basket.


As the king of trade for primary offerings, Ethereum has had so many success stories with currencies being launched using its guidebook (ERC-20). I don’t know how much value over time, but this is a platform that people understand how to develop on. It may be clunky right now, but thanks to your generous pump, they may soon (or already) have more resources than any other platform. They have customers. I love customers. Look into it.


This one will be the toughest to explain for someone who isn’t tech focused. The Barterdex/Atomic Swap movement is a revolutionary platform of trade. They can do cross train swaps, without using the base currency. I trade ADA for KMD. XRP for LTC. The platform is functioning, and getting better each day. No one, and I mean no one can say that they are loving the way exchanges are working right now. Anyone who is trying to move the ball forward has my interest.


Look at the coins you have been watching, and discuss with yourself internally what your limits are. I am hoping that you have planned for days like these by having capital on the sidelines. If you haven’t, don’t make it up out of thin air. If you’re fully invested, stay fully invested. This is a buyer’s day, not a seller’s day. If you can’t handle that, this industry is going to lose you a lot of money. I have no idea what even the next hour holds for cryptocurrency. However, a wagering man must wager. Each time it hits that new low, a small buy. There is no special sauce to buying things 20-30% off.


This is NOT a recommendation to buy or sell any currencies. As you can see, we sold off on ambiguous news. This boat rocks back and forth. Always do research and I wish you the best of luck on a day like today.

Do keep in touch with me about what everyone is thinking . I have created a twitter @raijincrypto, would love to hear thoughts on your plans.

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