The Raiden Network: Is Now A Good Time To Invest In RDN?

It seems like we have talked about the need for speed whenever the topic of blockchains and cryptocurrencies are mentioned.  These days, transactions are consuming huge amounts of energy and still only perking along at 10-15 per second. If there is a crypto future this rate isn’t going to get us there.  As we all know, Mastercard and Visa work with a system supposedly doing 100,000 per second.

Who knows if that number is absolutely accurate of some smoke but one thing we know: 10-15 per second is pathetic.  Bitcoin’s potential savor is The Lightning Network. The latest version was released within the last few weeks. Along with about everybody else, we will be watching closely to get a read on TLN.

A Savior For Ether Investors?

The Raiden Network could save Ethereum from techno irrelevance.  The important word here is could. That is because there is lots of Ethereum envy out there.  There are folks such as Cardano and NEO that have their own blockchain platforms complete with smart contracts.  Then there is Liquidity.Network, the recently announced Ethereum focused competitor to Raiden.

Creating A Separate Coin For Investors

Raiden Network completed its ICO last November, raising $32.8 million.  Rather than simply creating a fork of ether, developers created the opportunity for investors to directly participate in a solution that could save the day for Ethereum and investors in ether.  

I do not own any RDN.  A small amount of ETH has my name on it, so I am eager to find the protocol that can protect my measly holdings.  Here is what gets me interested in Raiden.

Well Along In The Development Process

RDN has been around for about the same amount of time as Ethereum dating to 2015. That is about 21 in dog years and practically a millennium in crypto time.  But the development team strikes me as the most interesting part.

RDN is being developed by BrainBot Technologies AG.  This is not a smattering of amateurs but a company with a deep bench of developers and a history of successful projects.  Check them out at

Last November, Brainbot demonstrated the high throughput and low latency of the Raiden Network with a demonstration of Micro Raiden applied in real-time, showcasing the great potential for products that require the type of high speed transactions involved with the Ethereum blockchain.

Off The Blockchain

Technical reports describe The Raiden Network as an open source, trustless, fast, inexpensive and scalable off-chain payment solution for the Ethereum blockchain. This means it functions smoothly with the Ethereum platform. The Raiden Network provides bidirectional payment channels for low scale value exchanges of ERC20 compliant tokens to users within the Raiden Network. These bidirectional payment channels may interlock to create a system of channels between infinite parties in a hive.

Translated into comprehensible english, Radien promises almost instantaneous transactions with fees low enough to attract low value transactions. At less than $0.01 per transaction, a $5 latte fits.  Ethereum fees at the peak last year were more $4.15. So the potential for Raiden is really big.

In fairness it should be mentioned that Ethereum is considering options such as sharding and that would reduce the singular importance of Raiden. So perhaps the role of savior is a bit extreme.  But sharding is not likely to be a preemptive force. Raiden development is that much further along.

Speaking Out

Members of the Raiden development team are taking their show on the road having made presentations recently in Tokyo.  The next event is scheduled for Toronto this coming week on May 4th. The presentation is being billed as an opportunity to give an update on the progress in deploying the network.  This is a date to put in your digital calendar if you own ETH or have an interest in RDN.

Aside from the obvious reasons, here is why.  Like about every other crypto, RDN peaked in price in early January around $8.65 before taking a plunge to less than $1.20 by April.  This drop of 87% made RDN one of the worst performers in the recent crash. In addition to all the crypto market woes, there were delays in the network deployment.  That is enough to disappoint anyone.

Since early April RDN’s price has rebounded to about the $2.00 level.  Even so this is a long way from the good old days of 2017. Logic dictates that a good showing in Toronto might translate into investors taking notice.   By good showing we are talking about favorable news about Raiden deployment.

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James Waggoner is a veteran Wall Street analyst and hedge fund manager who has spent the past few years researching the fintech possibilities of cryptocurrencies. He has a special passion for writing about the future of crypto.