The Green is Back! Time to Think

And what a beautiful green meadow it is! Except for maybe some lazy few, the market is looking great this morning. We have all of the coins moving back to at least a good support of where they were when they hit highs a couple weeks ago. What I want to discuss today is the question I implore you to ask yourself in the near future, as you begin to see prices pass your breakeven points. That question is “What do I want 2018 to look like?”

When you dip your toes into the cold pool of cryptocurrency, you may have plopped in a little too fast. The reason many start in cryptocurrency is because they have heard someone talking about the profits they have been experiencing from “XYZ” coin. You want to do your research obviously (not), but those returns are getting your heart racing and you need to make sure you are on board for the next Mount Everest gain. What does that lead you to do?

Greener pastures are coming.

Buy large quantities of low priced coins:

“It’s $.10! I am going to be a billionaire I have thousands and thousands of coins!” I believe many people have low priced coins (under $.01-$1.00), and think it is going to reach levels of crazy amounts. I hate to be a broken record, but LOOK AT SUPPLY. It is a simple math problem to estimate every single price prediction that comes out of someones mouth. If XYZ coin with 100,000,000,000 supply gets to $3.00 that means the size of the world market for that coin is roughly 40% of today’s ENTIRE market cap. Be smart. That’s not going to happen in 2018. Especially for ideas that are not yet functional. I have mentioned in my prior article that relying on investor speculation to boost prices of coins is a ridiculous investment strategy. I certainly want Doctor Rob and Gardner Joe with a computer to join me of course! But there must be people or businesses with copious amounts of Money/Data either designing cars (cryptocurrency) for the road, or using the road and paying tolls in the already functioning car. Seeing what ICOs are coming out on platforms is fairly easy, you’re on a fantastic website for it! I don’t look at the car, I look at the road it’s creating it for.

What is infinitely harder is figuring out the difference between speculative investor volume and real user volume. In my opinion, that is the reason the market is so speculative. That is a difficult number to quantify, therefore our only knowledge comes from what is publicly announced. This is the reason Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, etc. are so crucial. Oh yes, exchanges are where the money is, but the power is in social media. This is the only financial-related community that takes place almost entirely on social media, deep social media at that. I am the God of lightning, but I still have no f’ing idea how to read Reddit. But, just like eating and powerlifting, this is what comes with the job. The picks you came up with didn’t come from a textbook, did it?

Where to go from here: 

I want you to make your money on the coins that you already own. I am sure some will reach healthy levels entirely due to the fact more and more people are entering the market. However, this world isn’t just an account on the internet. This is a global phenomenon. There have been fatwas put out on bitcoin. There are cryptocurrencies being made by human rights abusers to circumvent sanctions. This is a thorny little bugger of an industry to the people who have the power to stop it. I love your big 100,000,000,000,000 coin that you have tons of shares of. But, you saw what Korea rumblings did to it. Wait for United States rumblings. Think of your coins as the three little pigs. You better have a good house with good friends and neighbors when the wolf comes to blow it down. Hey, maybe the wolf just wants to shake you around a little. If your blockchain isn’t built on profit and volume, you will fall down (again).

My homework to you is to walk away from the social media sites I told you were so critical for news. Go on Google and type in  a currency that you like with less than 150MM in supply (go to in the top 100 market cap). “XYZ partnerships”. Do that for all the coins you like. See what comes up. If you see a company/institution who has signed on, see HOW they are signed on. How are they using it? How is the blockchain company going to reward coinholders for it? If XYZ coin gets a Tim Cook selfie and a thumbs up partnership tomorrow, but they are over there in San Francisco getting free food and helping them design a white piece of crap for Apple to sell, how is that helping me?

If your search comes up with social media jargon about “the future” and hitting road maps of Alphas and Betas etc.- bin it. I am interested in making money in 2018, not having to hit objectives before. The most important thing I can tell you all is that you have 0% ownership in these companies. Their road map is the business they want to start. If you want to help them create it, I love you for it and I hope you are rewarded. But I invest in things where it doesn’t matter that I don’t have equity in the company. I must be rewarded with every single corporate customer that these companies have. The moment they have a partner but it won’t affect the price, I am out. I need incentivized teams growing the coin AND the business, not just the business. This is a spoiled crypto brat preference. Raiden is Sorry.

As an aside, I will very rarely be mentioning currencies on here. My directions will lead you to all my coins that I have. Those who are spoon-fed are unwise, and therefore not understanding of the risks associated with cryptocurrency. Remember, all readers of Raiden are friends of Raiden. I want you to make tons of money. You WILL NEVER make tons of money consistently if you are given names to “CTRL+F” into a Binance or Bittrex exchange. I want you to have a burning desire to learn these currencies inside and out, because a price target will come into your head the moment you put the pieces together. I will provide the pieces throughout my time (I hope).

None of what I say is financial advice. As you can see, I don’t recommend currencies to buy, so therefore the purpose of my articles is empowerment on your chosen exchange. I wish you luck, and remember that the waters your swimming in have sharks.

Featured image courtesy of Pexels.

Mythological God of Lightning. Cryptocurrency/Blockchain writer, evangelist, and friend. May the odds be ever in our favor.