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It’s quite natural to think that the news influences markets but in many cases, it simply isn’t true. People move markets.

In traditional markets, we see often how an announcement regarding employment or inflation, or an interest rate decision from a central bank can have a huge impact on prices.

This is mainly due to the vast number of investors who are anticipating these type of events and are ready to deploy a large amount of capital at the drop of a hat.

In crypto, we simply don’t have that just yet. You’d think that news of half a dozen major financial institutions will be opening new options for cryptotrading and cryptoasset solutions would have an effect on prices but they’ve so far remained stable.

So it’s not surprising that LibertyX and Genmega are about to convert 100,000 ATM machines across the USA into user-friendly bitcoin vending machines has had no impact on the price of bitcoin.

What this does do though is builds the infrastructure that will be necessary for mass adoption, so that when people do decide to buy, they’ll have an easy way in.

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Today’s Highlights

  • Asia Rally Over
  • Flight to Safety
  • Crypto Correlation

Please note: All data, figures & graphs are valid as of October 23rd. All trading carries risk. Only risk capital you can afford to lose.

Traditional Markets

Looks like Monday’s massive rally in Asia has been short-lived. By the time the bell rang on Wall Street, the mood had already turned sour and stocks across the board ended up down.

The only exception, oddly enough, was the Faang stocks, which managed to hold up the Nasdaq. As we discussed in yesterday’s update investors are looking to invest, but cautiously. Well, it looks like they found their refuge in the top tier brands.

The exception we can notice above is Netflix which dropped with the rest of the market. Also, it’s worth noting that even the Nasdaq futures are down this morning and the entire market threatens to break lower.

Here we can see the S&P500, which is sitting firmly below its 200 day moving average (blue line).

Perhaps the light at the end of the tunnel here is the upcoming earnings reports that will be closely watched by investment managers.

Flight to Safety

As the stocks turn red, we can see some clear signs that the other markets are looking for some safety. Turkish President Erdogan isn’t helping much either with strong accusations against the Saudi government over the Khashoggi incident.

Some are buying bonds as a way to lower the risk. As well the Japanese Yen is up sharply due to its status as a safe haven currency. This graph shows the greenback bowing to the Yen (this morning in the purple circle).

Of course, the most vulnerable at the moment are the emerging markets currencies, which are performing particularly poorly today.

Another clear sign of safe haven trading is the fact that gold has broken out to the upside making significant stretch into fresh highs and now trading at the highest levels since July.

Crypto Follow?

Though we’ve pointed out recently that crypto assets bear only a very small correlation with the stock market, they still are considered to be a high risk asset.

We have seen several times before where fear in the stocks has managed to spill over into the crypto markets and that might just be what’s happening at the moment.

The declines in crypto are very light today. This could be because, as we mentioned above, the tech sector seems to be mostly shielded from the current sell-off. In any case, there’s no denying that bitcoin and the Nasdaq are moving in tandem today.

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