Tezos Update: Minimum Contribution = Scam? Price Trending Up

Seems these days everyone’s looking for the next big piece of reality television. Tezos is, somewhat cryptically, being called a scam. Hold your laughter at the rationalization.

The ICO, which we reviewed here not long ago, has the unusual backing of one Tim Draper, legacy finance guru and Bitcoin enthusiast.

Let’s have a bit of the toxin from the source article, shall we?

It turns out that Tezos, which claims to be developing a ‘democratic’ blockchain offshoot which will bring ‘peace and harmony’ to CryptoCurrency, while ’empowering the little people’ is just another ruse to siphon the funds you were trying to increase so that you could send even *more* money to your favorite charities supporting widows, orphans and veterans, into the coffers of the BigPlayers who want to buy a bigger and better yacht. After the ‘little people’ have entrusted a significant portion of their meager savings to Scamster Tim Draper and Tezos they may, if they are lucky, manage to find the well-hidden webpage that tells them, “**** You, You Dumb ****ole” you have given us your money in return for *NOTHING*!!!”

He is, of course, being inflammatory and inaccurate. Even he admits it:

Their sleazy ‘disclaimer’ says that they will ‘return’ your stolen funds, after an unspecified period of time, but even if they do, the interest, alone, on hundreds of millions of dollars is more than enough to make their scam pay off handsomely.

Sounds like a lot of us have felt from time to time, doesn’t he?

Well, let’s see how pre-trading is going over at HitBTC, for Tezos.

Quoting the author’s original analysis:

While the original idea was to raise a penny per ꜩ, the crowdsale price will actually be ꜩ5000 per Bitcoin – today that means a price of about 36 cents each. You can buy as much as you want. If you want to stake, you’ll need at least 1536 of them, as mentioned above.

The current going rate for buy orders is:

However, as noted at the top of the article, we’re not yet in a phase where you can withdraw your Tezos. You’re buying a promise (IOU). So, if you think this rocket is going a lot higher, you still have time to get on board. If you think ~400+% or so is about the limit on the thing, it may be time to short it or sell your IOUs at the top.

There has been little new information that would suggest the project is actually suffering any turbulence, but there has been a more in-depth analysis regarding the “red flags” of Tezos versus Ethereum.

Crypto is hard, and ICOs are harder. We can tell you that historically ICOs have a drop-off right after opening, and we see above that Tezos has already seen a dip. We can also tell you that historically ICOs have had the opposite of support from large holders like Tim Draper.


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