TEVA: The Time Has Come

By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboMarkets

The bull market has made it harder to earn good profits on the share prices of industry leaders. Prices are already high, and the correction may begin at any moment. Day by day, the rumors about crisis spread , and such a crisis is usually expected in the Fall, which is confirmed with the latest 20-year history. Case in point: the dotcom crisis started in early September 2000, with the market reaching its bottom only two years later.

Another fall started in mid Sep 2007, and turned into the global crisis in Aug 2008. Still, the market reached its lowest low and started recovering sooner, in 2009. At the same time, some players are still living the past and waiting for the market to collapse everyday, without noticing the considerable gains that have been made over the years.

There were 7 years between the dotcom and the financial crises. The next major decline occurred in August 2015 but it was short lived and did not result in a major crisis. In 3 years more, Trump became the US president and started resolving the negative trade balance issue by imposing customs duties on China. This, together with tax reforms, supported the markets a lot, and they went on growing. However, the situation is rather tense now, and the fall coming alone may lead to the investors being rather worried. The companies hit their earnings historical highs every quarter, and this may make the management feel dizzy.

Still, there are companies that, unlike most of their counterparts, did not grow following the Trump election. One of them is Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited (NYSE: TEVA). When the market started growing after the US elections, TEVA started going down heavily, eventually losing over 80% during 2 years. The company started having problems in 2016 when they bought Allergan (NYSE: AGN) at $40.5B. Before that, TEVA capital had been growing steadily since 2006, while the debts had been at the minimum.

Once TEVA acquired Allergan, the debt went sharply higher, which provoked a selloff immediately. At the same time, the earnings also started falling.

Even the quarterly earnings in 2016 were not enough for investors, as the stock price first did not move much, and then hit the support at $50.00 in the middle of the year and went further down.

The outlook is disappointing, and one would never even think about trading this stock, but still there are some things one should consider well.

Many years ago, many people lived in the countryside or at least used to spend some time there, and few heard of such a thing as an allergy. Then, however, people start migrating to cities, which are very polluted. This, perhaps, led to allergies being quite widespread nowadays. Allergies can be quite dangerous, as in many cases it may provoke an allergic shock, with the patient literally hanging between life and death. In this case, the only thing they need is a medicine that will help them survive before the ambulance arrives.

This is exactly what Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited created EpiPen, a medicine that removes allergic shock caused by insect bites, food, other medicines, or physical activity. An injection of EpiPen is enough to stimulate the cardiovascular system and the respiration organs, which prevents the consequences of an allergic shock.

According to some sources, in the US, there are around 43M people who may suffer from allergic shock any minute and should have such a medicine at hand. Ideally, such a person has got to have 2 doses of EpiPen, as sometimes one may be not enough. These two doses cost around $375, while the competition are trying to create the same medicine using adrenaline that should make it much cheaper. Still, they are having problems with medical tests, which means EpiPen has no competition right now. Another point is that it should be used within 12 months; otherwise, you will have to buy another dose. This brings stable profits, the ethical aspect is taken away.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited is a multinational company with 66 plants in 60 countries. This is one of the biggest pharma companies out there, and it’s no wonder that Warren Buffett has paid attention to it. In Q2, Berkshire Hathaway increased its stake of TEVA shares to 4.3%, or 2,7M shares, and is now one of the top three shareholders.

Meanwhile, in November 2017, a new CEO came to TEVA. Kare Schultz reduced costs drastically, and, as a result, the debt stopped growing first, and then was reduced by over $10B.

Technically, the downtrend is finishing, and an uptrend may start in the midterm, with the support being located at $20.00.


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Having majored in both Social Psychology and Economics, I went on to continue my education in post graduate. Later I worked as a team lead of a tech and fundamental analysis lab in the Applied System Analysis Research Institute. This helped me to acquire all necessary skills and experience to become a successful trader and analyst, as well as a portfolio manager in an investment company. I'm a pro in the financial field and the author of articles for various international media. I also hold the position of Chief Analyst at RoboMarkets.