Tesla Developing Self-Moving “Metal Snakes” to Charge Cars, According to Elon Musk

Spiderman fans from all around should be rejoicing, or cowering in fear, because of the latest Doc-Ock initiative under development at Tesla Motors. Elon Musk, founder, CEO and all around Tony Stark of the real world, tweeted about a plan Tesla Motors has had in the works to create metal snakes that move themselves. For owners, they plug into your Tesla and keep it charged.

That’s right, Marvel fans. Elon Musk just confirmed that he’s developing technology that sounds like something straight out of the comic books.

It’s important to realize that even though he said they were “working on” it on Twitter, it’s not a guarantee that the product will launch anytime in the near future. Musk is known to be up front about his profound innovations, but development takes time on ground-breaking technology like self-operating metal snakes.

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Automatic Charger May Be Backwards Compatible

Tesla Elon MuskIf it wasn’t enough that Musk hinted at the automatic charging serpents in the first place, it also seems as though the chargers will be backwards compatible.

“This can be used with all existing Model S cars,” Musk explained, “not just future ones.”

While the Tesla cars aren’t as mainstream as popular car companies Ford and Toyota, they seem to be gaining traction. The Tesla Model S Set an all-time sales record in the United States this past September, selling 2,500 cars.

“Prior to the 2,500 Model S EVs sold in September,” Tesla explained in an announcement, ”Tesla had not sold over 1,800 in a single month this year according to our research. … If we bump out the 1,800 sold in June 2014, then the next highest single-month sales mark for 2014 was the 1,400 units we penned them down for in February of this year.”

When will we see the metal, scaly creatures in action? No one knows. Musk hasn’t added anything else to the announcement, and Tesla kept quiet despite the media coverage.

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