Tesla Battery Swap Twice as Fast as the Gas Pump

When Tesla designed the model S Roadster, they thought about preserving options. The new Tesla Battery Swap option gives drivers of the electric vehicles the option of fully charging their vehicle in under two minutes. Customers must still bring their electric motors to a Tesla Supercharge Station.

“The only decision you need to make when you come to one of our Tesla stations is, do you prefer faster or free,” – Elon Musk, CEO Tesla

Tesla stations will continue to offer free charging to motorists. Superchargers located along well-traveled highways can restore 170 miles of distance to a Tesla battery in 30 minutes. In the past, Tesla CEO has stated intent to build the Hyperloop alongside the country-wide Supercharger tracks. Solar cells from Musk’s third company, SolarCity, would provide power for the charging stations and Hyperloop.
Elon is also the founder and CEO of SpaceX.

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Tesla Battery Swap Party Astonishes Crowd

Tesla Battery Swap Elon MuskAt the Tesla battery swap debut, Musk took the stage beside a Model S. The swap uses the same robotic tools used to secure the Tesla battery at the factory. The entire process is similar to a car wash. The Tesla owner pulls the vehicle onto a short track. An underground bay houses the robotic nut-runners that perform the swap. Without leaving their Tesla, the battery is removed from the bottom of their vehicle and replaced in just about 90 seconds.

“The robots that are replacing the batteries are the same as in the factory. You get a factory replacement each time.”

Elon did not stop there. As the Tesla battery swap was taking place, live on stage. A video of a gas station patron played overhead, it was a race. When the petrol started pumping, the battery swap appeared to be making no progress. Then, a mere 90 seconds in, Model S came back to life and drove off-stage.

The maverick CEO was unfinished, bringing a second Roadster from behind the curtain. Tesla searched Los Angeles for its fastest gas station – a four-minute fuel up was quickest. In the time it took one petrol car, start to finish, two electric cars passed through the Tesla battery swap station.

Since the demo, Tesla has added protective plates to the battery pack. The plate increases battery swap time to three minutes, still shorter than the gasoline alternative. The time could go as low as one minute, but Tesla has stated it will wait to gauge demand before moving in that direction.

The pilot for the Tesla battery swap process will take place at the Supercharger station at the Harris Ranch in central California. Swaps will take place by appointment only, for now. The total cost is comparable to filling up a tank of gas – $50

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Images from Tesla Motors and Shutterstock.