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Your Teledildonic Session Might Get Hacked

Your Teledildonic Session Might Get Hacked

by Justin OConnellApril 2, 2016

The Internet of Things is extremely new and extremely vulnerable. In fact, it’s so vulnerable, it could get you in trouble at your most vulnerable: during sex or masturbation. Today, smart vibrators are offering all sorts of options: a new form of cyber sex where the web is used by two people in the same room enhance their sex (usually with a connected sex toy device; and even for people to film themselves, and even sex organ exercise smart devices.

It’s these sorts of devices researchers fear could be vulnerable to hackers.

Software firm Trend Micro stated last week that as the Internet of Things consumes further aspects of daily life, it could be used on medical equipment and sex toys, too.

Udo Schneider, Trend Micro spokesman, put a large, neon-pink vibrator on the desk before him and then used his laptop to take over the device as a recent German technology conference. 

“If I hack a vibrator it’s just fun,” Raimund Genes, Chief Technology Officer at Tokyo-listed Trend Micro said in Hanover. “But if I can get to the back-end, I can blackmail the manufacturer.”

There is a growing industry of IoT-based sex toys. Some connect to Bluetooth devices on iOS and Android. There’s even a Fitbit of sorts for penises. Vibease raised $15,000 Indiegogo for 24 hours,

It’s been known for awhile that smart vibrators could be hacked. The same goes for virtually all new technology that is put onto the cloud. Even cars can be hacked.

In 2015, Pen Test Partners taught a speaking doll naughty words. The main issue with the hacking of sex toys is surveillance. Your teledildonic sessions are something you don’t want broadcast to the internet.

You’re going to want to make sure your smart dildo is encrypted. Pen Test found one application that included permissions to write to external storage. If someone gets a hold of your phone, and if that’s the device connected to the sex toy, they could technically gain access to your private sessions.

The main vulnerability will likely remain the communication between a smart vibrator and smartphone or other handset.There is data tied to your dildo use and that could be useful to hackers. Furthermore, if you’re practicing unsafe teledildonic cyber sessions in person with a partner, you’re going to want to make sure youe partner practices safe and secure internet use.

The information gathered from an internet connected sex device could easily be used to blackmail somebody. As noted, some seemingly have the ability to record to external storage programmed into the device itself from the factory, putting users at even greater risk. Practice safe IoT sex toy use.

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