The Technology Behind Bitcoin Private

By definition, bitcoin private (BTCP) basically refers to a privacy-centric bitcoin fork that has been hosted by another cryptocurrency named ZClassic (a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency based on Zero-Knowledge Proofs and forked from ZCash). The basic purpose of a hard fork is to validate the previously invalid blocks as well as transactions by changing the blockchain protocol radically. In 2017, several such hard forks of bitcoin (also known as bitcoin derivatives) made considerable impacts on the cryptocurrency market. Some of these hard forks include SegWit2X (presently rescinded), bitcoin gold (BTG), bitcoin cash (BCH), and many more. With these derivatives being slightly short of reaching the desirable market value, the idea of bitcoin private was coined by the end of 2017.

Bitcoin Forks

In the second week of December, the founder and developer of ZClassic as well as an alumnus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rhett Creighton announces the launch of this new bitcoin fork with the intention of forming a bitcoin derivative that follows the rules of the existing bitcoin blockchain whilst incorporating the unique privacy features of ZeroCoin protocol (The same third version of ZeroCoin Protocol used by ZClassic).

One of the sui generis features of this protocol is that it allows the users of this cryptocurrency to remain completely anonymous during transactions. Consequently, the amount of transaction between the payer and the payee remains hidden in case of bitcoin private along with both of their specific blockchain addresses. This anonymity irrefutably makes the process of transaction much safer. With the market dominance of bitcoin decreasing significantly with the beginning of 2018 (from 85% to 34%) and the usual capriciousness of cryptocurrency, bitcoin private is specifically designed to offer more security to traders.

Here, the technology behind this ingenious bitcoin fork along with a few other related aspects will be discussed.

Bitcoin Private Technology

One of the main issues that bitcoin has been facing since its inception in 2008 is the issue of anonymity. Bitcoin has failed to provide absolute anonymity to its users that can account for the privacy as per the trader’s requirement. Instead anonymity, bitcoin provides a faux identity to its users. That’s why bitcoin private incorporates the ZClassic technology that is specifically known to offer anonymity. As mentioned earlier, ZClassic uses the third version of the ZeroCoin protocol where the blockchain address of each payer and payee in a transaction is hidden along with the amount of transaction as well.

Bitcoin Private Technology Block Diagram

Unlike other bitcoin hard forks, BTCP cites a perfect example of how the cryptocurrency should evolve in future with the successful implementation of ZClassic or similar technologies to attain unmitigated anonymity. This bitcoin derivative is capable of providing the following features because of ZClassic technology:

  1. Privacy: Bitcoin Private is a privacy-oriented hard fork and as the name suggests, it can successfully conceal the blockchain address of both payer and payee with the transacted amount. This privacy technology is known as zk-snarks, the selfsame technology used by ZClassic. Zk-snarks helps in publishing the payments on a blockchain with the transactional metadata and other vital information remaining unidentifiable.
  2. Peer-to-peer facility: Quite similar to bitcoin, zk-snarks also allows traders to take part in a peer-to-peer transaction facility without the interference of any intermediary like governmental organizations or banks. In the case of BTCP, the transactions are duly recorded on a public ledger after being meticulously verified by the network nodes and with the use of appropriate cryptographic codes.
  3. Greater speed: Besides being anonymous, the block size of bitcoin private is slightly greater (2 MB) than that of bitcoin (1 MB). As a result, the transaction speed of BTCP is considerably greater than bitcoin and other bitcoin-based hard forks.
  4. Open source: Unlike many other digital currencies, bitcoin private is open source. As a result, its entire codebase is visible and verifiable to its users and spread across different parts of the globe. This codebase is handled by adroit code developers all around the world and changed publicly according to the desiderata of the traders.
  5. Community-based approach: The community of bitcoin private is considerably large and spread across all parts of the globe. Different people with different set of skills are part of this community and all of them contribute something in developing and maintaining the technology of this bitcoin derivative. Because of this widespread community, the chances of technical faults while making important transactions get reduced significantly under the constant vigilance.

Receiving and Distribution of Bitcoin Private

Although this hard fork hasn’t released its whitepaper yet, BTCP has announced the distribution procedure of bitcoin private tokens to its users. According to that announcement, bitcoin private is to be distributed through an airdrop occurring on a 1:1 basis for both bitcoin and ZClassic holders. It will definitely not be issued to the bitcoin holders themselves. This innovative approach is likely to make a pivotal impact in the existing cryptocurrency market.

To receive bitcoin private, it is preferable to store a certain amount of ZClassic along with some bitcoin cash in your private wallet. That way, receiving some BTCP would be ensured. For finding some ZClassic, the only exchange you should look for is Bittrex.

The total circulating supply of this bitcoin-based hard fork is about to be 18.5 million which can be extended to 21 million at most.

The Future of Bitcoin Private and Its Impact on ZClassic

With the successful implementation of zk-snark technology, bitcoin private is likely to make a considerable impact on this volatile cryptocurrency market. The news of the announcement of this bitcoin fork alone has singlehandedly caused a massive price surge for ZClassic (from $2 to $218) in January 2018. As the only way to receive bitcoin private is to convert the existing ZClassic or bitcoin cash and ZClassic is the cheapest among the three, such price surges for ZCL is more likely to happen in future as well.

ZClassic Price Surge

On the other hand, the decentralized, fast, and anonymous bitcoin private could satisfy the market with features that can be found neither in bitcoin nor its any other derivatives.


Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market can be in a topsy-turvy situation in the blink of an eye and no cryptocurrency exchange hasn’t offered their support to BTCP yet; with the latest technological advancements it is making over the other existing bitcoin forks, bitcoin private has the possibility to become a popular cryptocurrency in terms of total market capitalisation and usage.

EDIT: The original article indicated an airdrop to holders of bitcoin cash and ZCash. This has been changed to holders of bitcoin and ZClassic. 

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