What Techies Shared On Instagram Last Week

Hacked brings to you this week’s edition of “What Techies Shared On Instagram Last Week.” This week Wiz Khalifa makes an appearance and we include some sexy nerds. 

Storm Trooper Down Rabbit Hole…
PAX Vaporizers are a luxury vape design company that focuses its marketing on art, fashion and music.
A new Sony device hits the market.
Will the Internet of Things make humans smarter?
This should be a sight to behold…
Cheaper than Obamacare?
Many firms in the US these days strive to bring internet to under-developed parts of the world in the coming years.
Organic, natural medicine as a form of tech.

Here are this week’s sexy nerds: 

A Dallas nerd hanging out on Sunday looking swol.
Cool chandelier.

What follows is not an Instagram post, but is still relevant to our tech on social media theme for this weekly. Below is the ending of an interaction Wiz Khalifa had with police who attacked him and pinned him to the ground for being on a hoverboard. Here is Wiz’s tweet:

Featured image from OlegDoroshin / Shutterstock.

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