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TalkTalk Hack Insider Claims Trove Of Customer Details Are For Sale; More Attacks To Come

TalkTalk Hack Insider Claims Trove Of Customer Details Are For Sale; More Attacks To Come

by Elliot MarasNovember 8, 2015

The British newspaper Daily Mail reports that it spoke to an individual working with the group that hacked the TalkTalk telecom who intends to sell confidential customer data through an online criminal marketplace. The covert source claims the amount of stolen information is much greater than the company has acknowledged.


The newspaper said it was able to verify some of the stolen account information is real.

Company And Police Powerless

The company and the police have been unable to stop the illegal sale of details from the hack, The Daily Mail noted. The hacker, known as “The Martian,” said he has already sold information from 4,000 accounts but more information remains to be sold.

Email addresses, sort codes and bank account numbers stolen have been offered in bulk for thousands of pounds.

The newspaper last week reported details of TalkTalk customer accounts were for sale online as well as customers of 14 household brands on the “Dark Web.”

The Daily Mail has not been able to make contact with “The Martian” following its investigation. The Martian claims to possess detailed knowledge of the cyberattack that has exposed TalkTalk customers to fraud and hammered the company’s stock price.

‘The Martian’ Speaks, Shielding His Identity

The Martian used encrypted an encrypted messaging service to shield his identity. He claimed to have a million customer details, far more than TalkTalk has acknowledged has been stolen. The Martian said he is currently negotiating to sell two buyers 500,000 customer account details each for about £6,600. He also plans to sell information on an online marketplace for criminals which has 200,000 users.

The Martian noted he was in contact with the people responsible for the hack on the day it occurred, which he said was three days prior to when the company reported it to police.

He revealed some aspects of the attack in action. He said one hacker launched a “denial of service” attack on the site while other members used a vulnerability to steal customer data.

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Newspaper Verifies Stolen Identities Are Real

The newspaper was able to obtain a sample of the stolen information being sold online and confirmed it is from TalkTalk customers. The newspaper purchased some data and checked with the victims to confirm the information is genuine.

The Daily Mail has identified four banks whose customer debit and credit card information is being sold online.

The hackers threatened that “jihad is coming” and more attacks will occur this month. They also said two big U.S. utility companies are targeted.

The National Crime Agency and Metropolitan Police said last week they would examine the newspaper’s findings.

The Martian said the hackers came together on Dark Web forums.

He said he is from North America and now living in North Africa. He added that he has 25 percent of the database in online storage and plans on selling most of it.

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