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March 14, 2016

Gaming Master-Hack: A Day When Xbox, PlayStation & Windows Play Together

Microsoft has unveiled a massive new feature that could help shape a common domain across the major shaping platforms including consoles and PC gaming with cross-network play.

Could console wars be a thing of the past? One day in the future, you may not be forced to buy a console just because your friends are on a PlayStation or an Xbox. Instead, you could settle to go multiplayer on your PC while your friend takes you on from his console, playing the same game. Yes, cross-network play is finally being spoken about. Publicly. By Microsoft.

In an announcement today – after what seems like years of hinting toward it – Microsoft has firmly planted an “open invitation” for [...]

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February 25, 2016

XBOX Live DDoS Hackers: ‘About Time XBOX Dies’

The holiday season is already past us and yet DDoS hackers are relentless in their takedown of major gaming networks. This time, it’s Microsoft’s XBOX Live that bore the brunt of crippling DDoS attacks from a hacking group called New World Hackers.

New World Hackers, a hacking outfit that has grown to prominence in recent times after the take down of websites such as the BBC and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign website, recently set popular gaming network Xbox Live as their primary target. According to the hacker group, the DDoS takedown campaign is to bring attention to the lack of an adequate security infrastructure employed by major [...]

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November 25, 2015

You Don’t Really Own Your Hardware: The War on Electronics Repair

The ways that companies like Apple try to extract more cash from their customer base are many. The notion of planned obsolescence is defined by the Oxford dictionary like so:

A policy of producing consumer goods that rapidly become obsolete and so require replacing, achieved by frequent changes in design, termination of the supply of spare parts, and the use of nondurable materials.

The dictionary definition obviously doesn’t cover it all, but suffice it to say that releasing a new model every year with improvements only sufficient to make older models not capable of running updates is one good example. But getting customers to buy new hardware is not the only way [...]

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December 26, 2014

The Lizards Who Stole Christmas: Lizard Squad Makes Good on Threats

At the beginning of December, Lizard Squad, earlier reported here as being linked to the Sony Pictures hacks primarily credited to the Guardians of Peace, promised to take down the Sony PlayStation Network and the XBOX Live network on Christmas day. The group’s Twitter account was lively on Christmas day ranging from bizarre rap lyrics to seemingly arbitrary demands.

Also read: When Lizards Attack: Security Experts Say Lizard Squad Likely Involved in Sony Hack

They apparently made good on their threat, with access to the networks being limited or not at all. A Twitter user even claimed to be the leader of the group, as seen below, and in another tweet said that [...]

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