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February 25, 2016

XBOX Live DDoS Hackers: ‘About Time XBOX Dies’

The holiday season is already past us and yet DDoS hackers are relentless in their takedown of major gaming networks. This time, it’s Microsoft’s XBOX Live that bore the brunt of crippling DDoS attacks from a hacking group called New World Hackers.

New World Hackers, a hacking outfit that has grown to prominence in recent times after the take down of websites such as the BBC and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign website, recently set popular gaming network Xbox Live as their primary target. According to the hacker group, the DDoS takedown campaign is to bring attention to the lack of an adequate security infrastructure employed by major [...]

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December 18, 2015

Xbox Live Suffers DDoS Disruption, Playstation Network May Be Next

A DDoS attack initiated by grey-hat hacker group Phantom Squad may have taken Microsoft’s Xbox Live online network offline for at least 3 hours today. If the hacker group’s threats are to believed, Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) may be next.

Gamers, look away. This is going to make for painful reading. For the second time in two years, a hacker group may be disrupting two of the most popular gaming networks in the console gaming world, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

Hacked reported on the DDoS threats made by Phantom Squad a few days ago, after a series of tweets posted by the hacker group that also took credit for knocking Reddit offline recently. In a case [...]

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December 16, 2015

Hacker Group Makes DDoS Threats against PlayStation Network & Xbox Live This Christmas

 In a series of tweets posted today on Twitter, a grey-hat hacker group who call themselves the Phantom Squad have threatened to disrupt gaming networks with DDoS attacks targeting Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox Live.

This might resemble familiar reading for console gamers everywhere. A group of hackers who dub themselves ‘the Phantom Squad are threatening a gloomy Christmas for millions of gamers everywhere by claiming to target popular gaming networks PSN (PlayStation Network) and Xbox Live.

Reddit #Offline Goodnight.

— Phantom Squad (@PhantomSqaud) December 15, 2015

Phantom Squad targeted Reddit a few [...]

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December 29, 2014

Goodbye Skype, Hello MegaChat: Kim Dotcom Reveals Encrypted Video Call and Chat

It’s no secret that the United States government has access to citizen information through various channels, and even people outside the U.S. borders aren’t safe from their watchful eye. It’s no longer a question of morals and ethics, but a dilemma people face to be either complacent or to find an alternative to protect their identity.

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