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June 18, 2016

White Hat Teen Hacks Pentagon Websites

A high-school student and hacker spent nearly 10-15 hours between classes hacking U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) websites, between classes. He got thanked and praised for it by the Pentagon.

An 18-year old student who graduated this week was among two individuals praised at the Pentagon by Secretary of Defense Ash Carter. David Dworken, a graduate from the Washington, D.C., area, turned in several vulnerabilities that he discovered after the announcement of the Pentagon cybersecurity initiative. The bug bounty program was the first ever program of its kind to be issued by the federal government.

Hacked reported on the aptly named “Hack the Pentagon” initiative, put [...]

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May 3, 2016

Facebook Gives $10k to 10-year-old who Hacked Instagram

A 10-year-old who isn’t old enough to have a Facebook or an Instagram account has been awarded $10,000 by Facebook for discovering a security flaw in Facebook-owned Instagram, which makes him the youngest ever recipient of a Facebook bug bounty.

Jani [full name withheld], a 10-year-old from Finland is the youngest ever recipient of a bug bounty from Facebook after the hacking whizkid discovered a vulnerability on Instagram that allowed him to delete any comment on the application.

Jani, a cybersecurity security enthusiast in his young years took to learning about information security through videos on YouTube.

The young Finnish ace and his brother frequently look [...]

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March 8, 2016

White Hat Shows Exploit to Hack Any Facebook Account

An Indian white hat hacker has revealed a vulnerability that granted him the means to hack into any Facebook user’s account. However, being the white hat that he is, the hacker promptly alerted Facebook who duly granted him a bug bounty of $15,000. It’s a good thing he’s a white hat, he could’ve made millions as a malicious hacker.

Security researcher Anand Prakash from Bangalore, India has revealed a proof-of-concept hack that enabled him to plausibly hack any Facebook user’s profile. The ‘simple vulnerability’ as he called it, was revealed in a blog post that’s scarily titled “How I could have hacked all Facebook accounts.”

In the blog post, the white hat [...]

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August 13, 2015

Facebook Awards $100,000 to White-Hat Hackers

Facebook’s ‘Internet Defense Prize’, a cash prize of $100,000 was awarded to a team of security researchers who discovered new browser-based vulnerabilities and devised a detection method corresponding to the vulnerabilities.

A team of Georgia Tech security researchers were awarded a $100,000 prize by Facebook on Wednesday night. The researchers had discovered a new category of vulnerabilities directly related to browser-based memory corruption and furthermore, ably developed a technique to detect such vulnerabilities. With the award, Facebook’s grant is now on equal footing with Microsoft’s own six-figure bounty program that rewards security researchers for discovering [...]

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