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August 10, 2015

Columbia House Lawyer Fail: “Pixels”

An intellectual property-focused law firm representing Columbia Pictures has gone berserk, filing a torrent of copyright takedown requests against popular video-hosting platform Vimeo in targeting independent firms and videos with the word ‘pixels’ in the title.

Anti-piracy firm Entura International has served Vimeo with a significant number of takedown notices targeting the takedown of a number of videos that contain the word “pixels” in the title, TorrentFreak reports.

The anti-piracy firm filed a DMCA complaint lodged against popular video-hosting platform Vimeo, in representing Columbia Pictures, the major Hollywood studio behind the film “Pixels.”

Common Sense, [...]
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August 9, 2015

Bitcodin: Be Your Own Netflix With Ease

Netflix and Amazon may soon have to ramp up their offerings. A new technology has arrived, Bitcodin by new contender Bitmovin, which enables commercial enterprises and home users to stream their home video library anywhere they go at high-quality, in the same way they would with Netflix.

The secret sauce is Bitmovin’s innovative video encoding, which allows users to submit videos to be encoded and output via another server, like a cloudhost or FTP server. The converted file can then be used by Bitcodin to stream at home cinema quality, like other video services. From their documentation:

Encoding-jobs are the central element of bitcodin, they consist of an input [...]

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