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October 26, 2015

The Airline Industry Gets Serious about Cybersecurity

The airline industry is, some would say ‘finally’ making a concentrated push to engage and enlist international support on a global scale to combat the threat of malicious hackers and attackers.

It was in April this year when Chris Roberts, a professional security researcher and white-hat hacker took to twitter to claim the ease in which he could hack the inflight control systems by simply plugging into the airplane’s CAN (Controller Area Network), under his passenger seat.

Although it was meant as a joke at the time of posting his thoughts on Twitter, the two FBI agents waiting on arrival didn’t get the humor. Nor did United Airlines, the airline industry or law [...]

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July 23, 2015

United Airlines: Free Means Install Our DRM

Registered Trademark of United Airlines

In yet another episode of an airline running afoul of a technologist, United Airlines is now outed as demanding the user install DRM software just to watch a movie while flying with them.

Part of their in-flight “free” entertainment package, United requests the user install DRM in order to view a movie on their laptop. In a previous generation of flight service, the passenger wouldn’t even require a laptop to watch a movie.

Entrepreneur Brian Fitzpatrick found the ransom pop-up much to his dismay, and by all indications declined to install a patch to his browser for the sole benefit [...]

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April 21, 2015

Career Hacker Fleeced by the FBI in Syracuse

Last Thursday, veteran hacker Chris Roberts made a huge mistake. He was enjoying the in-flight WiFi on a United Airlines flight from his home base in Denver to Syracuse, New York when he noticed that certain things were visible to him. Here’s the tweet heard ’round the world:

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