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April 9, 2016

U.S. Resumes Battle To Force Apple To Unlock iPhone In Separate Case

The Apple/U.S. government legal fight over encryption has resumed. A federal judge has ordered the company to assist the FBI in unlocking an iPhone in a case separate from the San Bernardino, Calif. terror attack that instigated the first round of this legal battle, according to Yahoo News.

The Justice Department is asking Apple to help unlock a phone in a New York drug case. The government dropped its legal action in the San Bernardino case after announcing it unlocked the iPhone with the help of an “outside party.”

Legal Questions Remain

The new action shows that questions remain about the amount of access law enforcement should have to encrypted devices and the [...]

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August 11, 2015

Feds To Charge Hackers Who Stole Merger Info

U.S. authorities are preparing to charge a group of traders and computer hackers for scheming to get early access to press releases about mergers and acquisitions and trade on them before they became public, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing unnamed sources familiar with the matter. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is also expected to unveil related civil charges as early as Tuesday.

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn and New Jersey will announce charges against more than a half-dozen people with securities fraud and other charges. Officials believe the scheme netted tens of millions of dollars in illicit profits.

Financial Crimes Go Cyber

The case [...]

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