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November 11, 2016

Dutch Police Warns Dark Web Marketplace Users: “You Have Our Attention”

As part of Operation Hyperion, an operation conducted by law enforcement agencies all over the world, Dutch authorities have taken down a Dark Web marketplace and posted a warning on it.

The marketplace’s frontpage lists active and arrested vendors, as well as identified buyers At the top, you can read “You have our attention”. If a username is on the page, it has reportedly been identified by the Dutch police. Next to the list of arrested vendors is a link, that directs users to a page with more information.

Moreover, the website includes a FAQ, that clearly includes a few warning shots:

If your username and residence are on this website, you’re identified as [...]

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November 8, 2016

In Child Porn Bust, FBI May Have Used Malware on Innocent Users

In 2013, the FBI confiscated Freedom Hosting, a service that hosted websites on the dark web, including several child pornography websites and private email service TorMail. When it happened, it was seen as a massive victory, but recently unsealed documents show the FBI may have used malware on innocent users.

Three years ago, the FBI was given a warrant that allowed them to hack 300 TorMail users who were allegedly linked to child pornography. They went with a piece of malware known as a Network Investigative Technique (NIT), with the goal of acquiring users’ real IP addresses.

The agency did manage to arrest a lot of people for child pornography, but documents [...]

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November 19, 2015

Carnegie Mellon Denies FBI Quid Pro Quo

Hacked reported last week that Tor director Roger Dingledine made the bold claim that the FBI had directly paid Carnegie Mellon University researchers at their Software Engineering Institute to help uncloak Tor nodes and aid law enforcement in prosecuting Dark Web criminals. Carnegie Mellon was not consulted in most of the media coverage, but had declined comment to those who inquired. The story was more to do with Dingledine’s allegations and their potential validity than anything.

Now Carnegie Mellon has come out to take issue with a particular part of the narrative, the part that says the government compensated the university for its efforts. In a very short [...]

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November 18, 2015

ISIS’ Digital Caliphate Going Dark – Darknet, That Is

The digital propaganda machine of ISIS has run into trouble staying afloat on the clear net, and so like most other banned information, they’re heading to the deep web. While this may severely limit the ability of the group to dutifully indoctrinate new members who aren’t skilled in the arts of Tor, the group hopes the sites will at least stay online.

Researcher Scot Terban discovered the latest effort via a post on the popular Jihadi forum, Shamikh. The translated message (by Google) reads:

The name of Allah the Merciful given the very narrow on the site # Asaddarat_klavh so that it is deleting any new domain after its publication announce the launch of the [...]

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