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August 30, 2016

Sri Lankan Teenager Arrested for Hacking President’s Website

A 17-year-old schoolboy has been arrested in Sri Lanka for allegedly hacking the President’s website with a message to demand that his college entrance exams be postponed.

A Sri Lankan teenager is now in police custody following an arrest after allegedly hacking the website of Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena, reports have revealed.

The president’s official website was hacked multiple times, late last week. A message, posted in the local language Sinhalese underlined the schoolboy’s displeasure toward examinations scheduled in April, a month wherein the traditional Sinhala and the Tamil New Year celebrations occur.

While the message was removed on [...]

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July 31, 2015

Google Providing Internet to Sri Lanka with Balloons

Google aims to provide Internet to rural Sri Lankans using high-tech balloons. For at least two years, the company has been experimenting with various designs, and now they’ve reached one they believe will have some success. The input of another company that deals in balloons, Raven Aerostar.

Project Loon will soon be getting off the ground with new Internet service for Sri Lanka. The government was excited about the development, the Foreign Minister concluding a speech by saying he was “proud to declare that we are at the cusp of a reclaiming our heritage of being connected to each other and connected to the world.”

According to a recent Google+ [...]

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