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August 1, 2015

Spotify Used to Track Down Fugitive

A woman named Brittany Nunn decided to skip a court date rather than risk losing custody of her daughter. She fled to Mexico with her husband, Peter Barr. Someone who was watching Nunn noticed when she was using Spotify, and told the authorities. Authorities were then able to eventually get an IP address, later enabling them to get the couple deported back to the United States.

Many wonder about the legality of Spotify helping the authorities by giving them customer information willingly. Whether or not this is strictly required by law is a better question, and it would seem that it is not. It would seem rather that a company, just as a person, would have the right to tell the [...]

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July 7, 2015

Who Will Be The Online Music King?

If free music online is dying, which in some ways it seems to be, with the death of Grooveshark and continual offensives against pirates. There are still some other methods, such as YouTube or Spotify, but both involve more advertising than Grooveshark ever did.

So, in this atmosphere, the musical arms of a lot of technological companies want to win. Apple has launched a streaming music service, and Microsoft is rebranding its Xbox Music service into something new. Google’s Play Music has occasionally inserted itself into important events, such as giving away an album by Lorde.

With that in mind, it always seem that one service or another winds up winning in these [...]

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