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June 14, 2016

North Korean Hackers Stole F-15 Jet Fighter Blueprints

 South Korean police are alleging that its neighbor to the north has hacked into over 140,000 computers at various South Korean firms and governmental agencies in an effort to launch a massive cyber attack against the country. Defense-related material was also allegedly stolen, including non-classified F-15 fighter jets’ wings blueprints.

Over 160 South Korean firms and government agencies have been targeted by North Korea whose state-sponsored cyber espionage agents have allegedly hacked into more than 140,000 computers since 2014.

Reuters reported that the hacking attempts were originally detected in February following a breach that led to stolen information from two [...]

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December 16, 2014

Revolutionary Prosthetic Skin Could Bring Sense of Touch Back to Patients

Two years ago, a police officer named Marty Dulworth, out of the small town of Anderson, Indiana, responded to a call of “shots fired” in a residential area. He and his partner, a Belgian Malinois police dog named Kilo, rushed to the scene to apprehend the suspect and were caught in the crossfire of an AK-47. Dulworth took a few bullets to the leg and ankle, causing him a severe amount of pain and blood loss. Among the panic and confusion, Kilo saw his partner fall and attacked anything close to him, which led to his unfortunate and tragic death.

Dulworth’s medical training from his time in the Marines kicked in, and he kept himself from bleeding out and dying that day, [...]

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