Cybersecurity Experts Are on ‘High Alert’ Yet Still Feel ‘Unprepared’


Hackers from around the globe have been more active than ever over the past year. And cybersecurity experts are feeling on edge. A recent cybersecurity report surveyed over 1,400 global chief information security officers (CISOs) in 14 countries. Most of them believe their organizations are unprepared for a cyber attack. That’s bad news considering 64 percent … Read more

Russian Hackers Infiltrate the Dept. of Homeland Security


After realizing that the SolarWinds hack was one of the biggest breaches ever, experts have repeatedly noted that we still don’t know the full fallout of the attack. Today’s news illustrates that point perfectly. Nearly two years after the infiltration, we’re just finding out that the cybercriminals hacked the Trump administration’s head of homeland security … Read more

Microsoft Exchange Hack Could Be Even Worse Than SolarWinds


2021 is picking up right where 2020 left off in terms of cybersecurity. Tech behemoth Microsoft is the latest victim of numerous hacking schemes sponsored by a foreign state. It underscores the urgency needed for individuals, corporations, and governments to start stepping up their cybersecurity game. Microsoft Exchange Server Is Hacked When we thought hackers … Read more

The U.S. Has Become More Vulnerable to Hackers, According to Watchdog


According to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report, federal cybersecurity has “regressed” since 2019. Based on the string of recent, overt cyberattacks on America, you probably could have guessed this yourself. We’ve never had a greater need for federal leadership in the tech realm, and, unfortunately, our government has yet to step up. Let’s take … Read more

Joe Biden Takes a Refreshingly Bold Stance on America’s Cybersecurity

Joe Biden

Joe Biden appears determined to do a better job of securing America’s digital well-being. That should come as no surprise, as 2020 was a year of massive security breaches. Biden had criticized outgoing president Donald Trump’s approach to cybersecurity in the past. And now, it seems like he’s putting his money where his mouth is. … Read more

After SolarWinds and FireEye Attacks – How Can You Avoid Hackers?

Hackers had been working overtime in 2020, and they decided to end the year with a bang. Not long after major security firm FireEye announced hackers had infiltrated them, the relatively unknown business SolarWinds found itself in the middle of a global attack against the U.S. government. How SolarWinds Became the Center of Global Attack … Read more