Hacked: Hacking Finance

Hacked: Hacking Finance


Artificial Intelligence

Consumer Drones Outfitted With Geofences Around Restricted Air Space

Posted on November 18th, 2015.

A project called Airmap has made life easier for two of the major consumer drone producers, DJI and 3D Robotics. The purpose of Airmap is to provide real-time, reliable access to no-fly-zone data. In the case of consumer drones, this can mean a lot more than simply military bases and airport areas. A football arena can be off-limits...



Zombie CISPA Follows Lizard Squad

Posted on January 12th, 2015.

Remember CISPA, the draconian law and cousin to SOPA and PIPA, which would give the US government unprecedented control over that champion of intellectual freedom, the Internet? Well, thanks to the recent antics of hacker group Lizard Squad and the government’s insistence that these actions were actually those of “rogue...