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November 8, 2016

Cyberspace Is on High Alert Ahead of Election

“Don’t pull anything funny on Election Day, Russia,” New York Daily News wrote last week. 

Apparently, tensions are high.

New York Daily News goes on to outline how U.S. military hackers are preparing secret cyber weapons to hit back if Russian forces try to interrupt US networks on Election Tuesday.

Intelligence officials are mum on what covert cyber weapons they’re going to deploy, as mentioned in classified documents revealed by NBC News.

The US military publicly boasts its advanced cyber defense systems. Simultaneously, US officials are warning of possible attacks by Russia or China.

Malware could shut off internet across the US, say military [...]

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October 24, 2016

According to Google, We’re Obsessed with Donald Trump

The evidence on Google Trends is overwhelming: We’re obsessed with Donald Trump. That’s worldwide, not just in the US. In his native country, Mr. Trump is as hot a topic as there comes. In Canada, Latin America, Europe, Australia and many other nations, Mr. Trump is the center of attention this 2016 US presidential campaign.

It’s been one marred by controversy, from Ms. Clinton’s abuse of her e-mail privileges as a public official to Mr. Trump’s open promotion of sexual assault, and many allegations he committed this grievous crime against numerous women.

A cursory study of the information provided by Google Trends paints a disturbing [...]

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