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October 1, 2016

PC Users Will See Fingerprint Authentication Replace Passwords

Industry’s giants – Paypal, Intel, Lenovo and Synaptics – announced that they have joined forces to bring fingerprint authentication to PC consumers.

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December 31, 2015

Suffering Repeated Account Hacks, Krebs Urges PayPal To Modernize Its Customer Authentication

Brian Krebs, the author of the Krebs On Security website, had his PayPal account hacked on Christmas Eve by a hacker who tried sending his funds to an ISIS-connected hacker gang. In an article on his website, Krebs describes his efforts to fix the problem with PayPal, but he views it as representative of the current state of security for many companies. He says many organizations, including financial institutions, are “woefully behind the times” in fighting identity theft.


In learning how the hacker had gotten into his PayPal account, Krebs found the company was relying on static identification information and continues to do so for most of its customers. This [...]

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April 22, 2015

Paypal Exec Aims to take Biometrics to a Whole New Level: Goodbye Passwords

The head of developer advocacy for Paypal and Braintree, Jonathan Leblanc, has an idea that will seem absurd to some, innovative to others and terrifying to  still others. The executive of the multi-billion dollar eBay subsidiary suggests in a recent presentation called “Kill All Passwords” that “true integration with the human body” is the way forward.

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