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November 24, 2015

Stanford Scholar: US Unlikely to Prosecute Anonymous for Harassing ISIS

In the wake of the tragic and outrageous terrorist attacks committed by ISIS agents in Paris last week, the online hacker group Anonymous declared a cyber-assault against IS.

For instance, a masked Anonymous French language speaker in a video tells ISIS retaliation is coming. Anonymous has engaged in an online battle of sort with ISIS since it attacked the Charlie Hebdo magazine’s office in Paris in January, hacking email and social media accounts and taking offline Islamic State websites.

Hacked spoke with the Ghost Security Group, who told us: “I cannot speak for other groups or organizations combatting ISIS. However, I can inform you that we are coordinating [...]

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November 21, 2015

Video: ‘We Will Hunt You’ – Anonymous Removes 20,000 ISIS Twitter Accounts.

Merely days after announcing ‘total war’ against extremist group ISIS, International hacktivist collective Anonymous has now claimed that it has taken down 20,000 Islamic State related Twitter accounts as a part of their efforts to dismantle ISIS with cyber-warfare through Operation Paris – #OpParis.

While the world collectively anguishes and reacts to the recent devastating Paris attacks carried out by armed terrorists in the city’s streets, Anonymous has launched a comprehensive campaign to take down or disrupt ISIS’ presence online. The announcement of a ‘total war‘ came earlier this week when a prominent Anonymous twitter account said the hacker group is [...]

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November 20, 2015

Anonymous Issues Guides So Anyone Can Join Online Battle Against IS

Want to take down an IS website all on your own? Well, Anonymous wants you to be able to, too. 

“The more the merrier,” Anonymous said today in a message which included links to how-to guides. The group recently made headlines taking down more than 6,000 Twitter accounts associated with Paris attacks and IS sympathizers.

#OpParis pastebin – https://t.co/nqeEYlvX96

— Anonymous (@GroupAnon) November 17, 2015

Anonymous posted the guides on an IRC channel used by Anonymous to share information on their #OpParis online battle against IS.

Anonymous has a history of recruiting people for its operations, having [...]

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November 18, 2015

Anonymous Takes Down Thousands of Islamic State Twitter Accounts Overnight

Despite being called “idiots” by the Islamic State after declaring “total war” on the expressly terrorist organization, hacktivist group Anonymous has already taken down more than a few thousand pro-ISIL Twitter accounts. Two days into the keyboard war and Anonymous claims to have gained control of roughly 5,500 ISIS-related Twitter accounts.

The group has also created a new website which will be utilized for allowing everyday Internet citizens to report ISIL social media accounts not already on the legendary hacker group’s radar as well as other information. Currently, the site is locked down behind username and password, but presumably will be made more public in the [...]

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