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September 22, 2015

‘I was Hacked Too’ Says Morgan Stanley Hacker

The hacker who stole data on Morgan Stanley’s wealthiest clients said that he was hacked as well. Someone hacked into the Morgan Stanley hacker’s system and posted the data he had stolen online. 

Galen Marsh, ex-employee of Morgan Stanley, was the centre of news on Monday as he pleaded guilty of stealing the data of over 350,000 of Morgan Stanley’s wealthiest clients. The fired banker pleaded guilty in the Manhattan Federal Court for stealing the data of many of the wealthiest clients of Morgan Stanley which was later posted on the Internet. Although Marsh pleaded guilty of stealing the data, he said that he was hacked as well and that the posting of the data on the [...]

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February 5, 2015

News Corp Hack Shows International Dirty Journalism Allowed by United States

Journalism is something that is meant to inform and snoop out the bad players in the world. Whether it be through corporate scandals, government cover-ups or dirty secrets, journalists are supposed to be the good guys and protect the innocent with their power.

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January 16, 2015

UPI and New York Post Get Their Twitters Hacked; USS George Washington Not Under Chinese Attack

Don’t worry… The USS George Washington is safe and WWIII hasn’t started. The twitter accounts of the New York Post and UPI have been hacked in a coordinated attack. Both news sites’ twitters sent out tweets claiming that there had just been a “Chinese anti-ship missile fired at USS George Washington.” The New York Post quickly deleted its erroneous tweet, but UPI’s twitter account still seems to be in the clutches of malicious actors. The US Navy has since confirmed that the USS George Washington isn’t even in the South China Sea and most certainly isn’t under attack.

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