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January 16, 2016

Casino Sues Cybersecurity Firm in Landmark Case


In one of the first cases of its kind, ever, a cybersecurity firm was sued by its client, a casino operator for it alleged lack of quality in an investigation following a breach of the casino operator’s system.

This case could potentially set a new precedent entirely in the field of cyber law. A Las Vegas-based (where else?) casino operator has sued cybersecurity firm Trustwave for, in essence, allegedly failing to conduct a competent investigation.

A legal complaint was filed by casino operator Affinity Gaming in a Las Vegas federal court against security firm Trustwave in December 2015.

The Background

In the aftermath of a network breach that [...]

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October 14, 2015

Casino Had 150,000 Credit Card Numbers Stolen Last Year

If you’re using networked computers, the chances are, at some point, you’re going to be vulnerable to a breach. Security professionals understand this best, but also understand that there are a lot of things one can do to prevent security breaches. When dealing with other people’s money and personal information, the onus to secure systems grows ten fold.

But according to FireEye, last year a breach of 150,000 credit cards took place at an unnamed casino. The attackers, who called themselves “Fin5,” had no trouble waltzing through the underwhelming security measures in place. The casino’s payment systems were not even firewalled. There was no logging [...]

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