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December 24, 2015

Hacked: Broadcasting Service Livestream Notifies Customers of a Database Breach

Popular broadcasting service Livestream has revealed in an email to users today that the company’s database containing user records may have been breached.

Livestream, a prominent broadcasting service that can be accessed by millions of viewers has emailed its users to warn them of a possible breach that targeted the company’s database server.

As revealed by TNW, the company stated the following in an email to its 300,000+ users:

We recently discovered that an unauthorized person may have accessed our customer accounts database. While we are still investigating the full scope of the incident, it is possible that your account information may have been [...]

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July 12, 2015

Indian Police Chief to Create Livestream of Crimes in Progress

Police in Bangalore, India, want to make use of Periscope, the Twitter livestreaming application, so that citizens can stream crimes in progress and help the police get there faster, as well as find the bad guys and catch them when they are running away.

This would amount to a somewhat decentralized surveillance system that would be voluntary and apparently would only be put into use when a crime was in progress. Bangalore is India’s third-largest city with a crime rate to go with it. Perhaps utilizing technology such as livestreaming could help the city to reduce crime, although there are plenty of other technological innovations that police there can take advantage of, [...]

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