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October 7, 2015

Malware Peddling Vigilantes behind Linux.Wifatch Speak Up


The group of black/white-hat (?) hackers who infected over 10,000 Linux routers with malware to fend off the really bad malware have come forward in speaking to Symantec, the security software company that originally revealed the mysterious malware.

Linux.Wifatch recently made plenty of headlines when security researchers at Symantec uncovered it for what it was – a white-hat malware safeguarding routers, IP cameras and other devices from typical havoc-mongering malware.

After the reveal, a group calling itself “The White Team” recently published the entire source code for Linux.Wifatch on GitLab and all signs point to them being the ‘vigilantes’ behind [...]

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October 2, 2015

Linux.Wifatch: Vigilante Hacker Infects Routers with Malware to Fight Bad Malware

A newly discovered malware, called Linux.Wifatch by security firm Symantec, has been found to compromise at least 10,000 Linux-routers. Unlike other malware, however, Wifatch protects the router from other infections, protecting victims instead.

Security giant Symantec has discovered a new vigilante malware that behaves like most other malware by infecting a vulnerable device, remaining undetected while operating and actively updating itself over a peer-to-peer (P2P) network.

The malware dubbed Linux.Wifatch comes with a strikingly different set of capabilities. Instead of harming the compromised router and the computers on its network, Wifatch secures it by [...]

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