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June 22, 2016

Terrorist Cyber Attacks Are Coming, Security Experts Warn

Kaspersky Lab senior researchers warned at a cyber security conference in Baku, Azerbaijan that major cyber attacks on infrastructure in the Middle East are pending, with governments, companies and individuals mostly unprepared. The average ransomware is now $551,000, and security researchers find 310,000 new viruses every day.

Ghareeb Saad, a senior researcher at Kaspersky Lab, said the scariest cyber attack is cryptoware, which deletes files and encrypts them without the victim’s knowledge before the victim faces a demand to pay a ransom in bitcoin to recover the information. Saad said the criminals even have a call center to tell victims how to pay [...]

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June 2, 2016

Russian Raids See Largest Ever Arrest of Hackers in the Country

Russia’s FSB security service has said that it has detained a gang of 50 hackers who used a Trojan called “Lurk” to 3 billion roubles (approx. $25 million) from various Russian banks.

An investigation by Russia’s FSB, Kaspersky Lab and Sberbank has led to raids targeting 50 people allegedly involved in the cyber-plundering of various Russian bank accounts to the tune of over $45 million USD.

Raids were conducted in 15 regions of Russia. A press release by the FSB stated:

As a result of the searches, seizures included a large amount of computer equipment, communications equipment, banking cards issued on the nominees, financial documents and large sums of cash, [...]

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