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December 1, 2015

Israel Wants YouTube To Censor Palestinian Videos of Conflict

According to AlterNet, Israeli Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Tzipi Hotovely recently met with Google executives to discuss potential censorship of certain YouTube videos. Specifically, videos that the Israeli state deems to “incite violence.”

In a Hebrew-only press release, Hotovely told Maariv that she had attended a meeting with Susan Wojcicki, YouTube CEO, as well as Google Director of Public Policy, Jennifer Oztzistzki in Mountain View. According to Hotovely, YouTube videos are the cause of children stabbing people on a daily basis. From AlterNet’s translation of the press release:

The attacks daily in Israel are the result of youths and children incited [...]

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September 17, 2015

How Undercover Cyber Sleuths Turn the Tables on Hackers

Hackers beware: Undercover cyber security sleuths can beat you at your own game.

Undercover cyber security agents pose as hackers for their clients and then leave a digital trail that attracts real cyber thieves and allows the undercover party to thwart the attack, according to The Wall Street Journal. The real cyber thieves unknowingly contact the cybersecurity firm and invite them into their circle. The cybersecurity team then informs law enforcement and is able to prevent a cyber attack.

Black Cube, an Israel-based cyber security firm, asked a bank client for access to internal data that looked like the spoils of a cyber theft. Black Cube left a digital trail giving [...]

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July 13, 2015

Israeli Security Lab Using Electromagnetic Waves to Extract Private Keys

Tel Aviv

Perhaps the most important role in security research is breaking security, and that’s what the researchers at Tel Aviv University’s Laboratory for Experimental Information Security are up to with their recent forays into electromagnetic attacks.

The new research resembles a more advanced and applicable version of earlier research done in Israel, discussed previously here at Hacked. Rather than simply being able to intercept keys being pressed and data being entered into the system, as researchers were able to do even with air-gapped computers months back, this new exploit will allow the researchers to actually figure out the [...]

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