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December 29, 2015

Investigatory Powers Bill Makes Your Browsing History Available To UK Officials

A new Investigatory Powers Bill is making waves in the UK and has critics from government officials to Edward Snowden. 

Home Secretary Theresa May announced the new Investigatory Powers Bill around Christmas. The bill stipulates that the browsing history of everyone in the UK will have to be stored for a year. Police and security services will enjoy access without warrant. May said the information is “the modern equivalent of an itemised phone bill”.

On November 4, The Independent invoked the Freedom of Information Act and asked the Home Office to disclose “the web browser history of all web browsers on the Home Secretary Theresa May’s GSI network account for one [...]

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November 17, 2015

Cameron Wants to Accelerate DIPB Following Paris Attacks

In the wake of the ISIS attack on Paris, UK Prime Minister David Cameron is advocating a fast-tracking of the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill. The DIPB a controversial new piece of legislation which will expand the British government’s legal abilities to monitor Internet usage within the UK.

The attack, which claimed the lives of more than 120 civilians in multiple locations and was reportedly orchestrated via the PlayStation Network, shocked the world Friday night and led governments around the world to consider their own security in the face of ISIS, including Britain. Most vocally in support of the DIPB over the weekend was Lord Carlile, who formerly acted as an [...]

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November 3, 2015

UK Set to Ban Internet Companies from Providing Total Encryption to Its Users

The UK government is set to ban companies like Apple from providing complete, unbreakable encryption to end users in a new law set to be introduced under the Investigatory Powers Bill.

In a sweeping overbearing move, the likes of Apple and Google will no longer be allowed to offer total end-user encryption wherein customer communications are routinely beyond the reach of law enforcement and the companies behind the technology themselves. UK ISPs will also be tasked to store the browsing history of their customers for a year.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron

The Daily Telegraph, a prominent UK publication with reliable ties with the current [...]

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