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October 1, 2016

PC Users Will See Fingerprint Authentication Replace Passwords

Industry’s giants – Paypal, Intel, Lenovo and Synaptics – announced that they have joined forces to bring fingerprint authentication to PC consumers.

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November 9, 2015

Hackers’ Advantage Over Security Professionals: A Willingness To Share

Matthew Rosenquist

One advantage hackers have over security professionals is they share information, something security professionals need to get better at, according to Matthew Rosenquist, an Intel security strategist. Rosenquist offered his assessment about the need to share information at Comptel’s Nexterday North Conference in Helsinki, according to ITPro, a London, U.K.-based advice site for business and technology decision makers.

Hackers share ideas, code, targets and best practices, Rosenquist said, noting that in many cases, hackers help each other out of a sense of community and because they want to help each other. He said this gives [...]

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October 16, 2015

The PC Industry Wants You To Upgrade Sooner

The unlikely bedfellows are Lenovo, Dell, and HP. Nevertheless, along with Microsoft and Intel, they are launching a joint marketing campaign starting October 19th, ComputerWorld reports. The “PC Does What?” campaign will be similar to “Got Milk?” or “I Love Eggs” campaigns of the past in that no one particular provider will specifically benefit.

The six-week campaign will cost the companies a collective $70 million. It will focus on the US and China, where more than half of the world’s PCs are sold. The best year in history for the PC industry was in 2011, but since then things have steadily declined. Many factors can be attributed to this, in particular a maturing [...]

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October 15, 2015

Financial Details Cost As Low As $5 on the Dark Web

Intel Security, which now owns McAffee, released a report this week entitled “The Hidden Data Economy.” It should be worrisome for, well, every adult with a credit card of any sort.

You hear about these breaches here at and other websites, places like Target letting millions of credit card details get stolen, offering credit protection and such as a result. But where do all these details end up? According to the report, the same place as everything else that can’t legally be sold on eBay: the dark web.

But let’s be clear: nothing about this is new, and the dark web is just a more modern analog to black hat BBS and IRC groups that existed many [...]

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