How to stop impersonation

It’s difficult to stop the risk of being impersonated online; however, there are multiple steps you can take to be better protected than your peers. When we at discuss impersonation, we mainly consider online impersonation and the creation of fake social media profiles impersonating executives, business professionals, celebrities, or influencers. Why do scammers impersonate? … Read more

Top 10 Reputation Management Firms for 2024

Online reputation management (ORM) has become paramount for businesses and professionals. Negative reviews or news articles can damage a brand’s image. Reputation management firms have emerged to help businesses and professionals to help improve their online reputation. These firms specialize in monitoring, building, and restoring online reputations. Below, we highlight ten reputation management companies, in … Read more

Fake Profile Hunter: Stop Impersonation & Remove Fake Profiles

Our high-value clients have asked us for a specific service that helps combat fake profiles of themselves on social media. We have removed hundreds of profiles impersonating our clients on a per-request basis; however, that’s not enough. With AI and fake image creation by impersonators using Midjourney, Dall-3, or Stable Diffusion, it’s becoming way too … Read more