Hacked: Hacking Finance

Hacked: Hacking Finance

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Hillary Clinton Wants Silicon Valley to “Disrupt” ISIS

Posted on December 7th, 2015.

Arguments against strong encryption will break down on a long enough timeline. If not for the simple reason that strong encryption protects everyone and weakening it will inevitably make us all less safe, then the fact that interfering encryption research in the west won’t stop malevolent actors from further developing the open...



Which Top 5 Presidential Candidate is Most Likely to Be Hacked?

Posted on October 29th, 2015.

Security researcher Jonathan Lampe recently published a report comparing the security readiness of various leading contenders for the White House. The findings are interesting because, well, it’s 2015, and many of these people lived a long time without the existence of the Internet. Given the number of high-profile hacks the...