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September 28, 2015

Saudi Arabia Wanted to Own Hacking Team

Leaked emails available at WikiLeaks have revealed a scheme thought up by Saudi Arabia to simply buy Hacking Team outright, rather than continue to pay the outlandish costs for their services. Between 2013 and early 2014, several e-mails were exchanged with the Italian security professionals, who now have a proven history of aiding governments guilty of human rights violations, something they’d previously denied.

Syrian-born investor Wafic Said is a close friend of the Saudi royal family and initiated the potential purchase through his company Safinvest. Several e-mails in the Wikileaks Hacking Team dump refer to a letter of intent, signed by the major principals of [...]

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July 27, 2015

Hacking Team Promises New Security Measures Following 400 GB Data Breach

Internet security service Hacking Team claims to be making progress in determining how hackers managed to steal 400 GB worth of data on July 6 and release it on BitTorrent, according to Business Insider. The damage, which included the hijacking of Hacking Team’s Twitter account to tweet screenshots of stolen emails, has created a public relations challenge for the Italy-based security service, which provides surveillance tools to governments worldwide.

The thieves, whose identities remain unknown, got ahold of Hacking Team’s products, email messages, audio recordings, and client information. The leak suggested the company sold its surveillance products to countries that the [...]

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July 21, 2015

Hacking Drones Close to Being Drawn up by Boeing and Hacking Team

Leaked emails between Italian spyware vendor Hacking Team and Boeing subsidiary Insitu revealed that drones carrying malware to infect targeted computers via Wi-Fi by flying over their proximity is close to becoming a reality.

Spyware-carrying drones were being discussed by Insitu, a division of Boeing and now-disgraced malware firm Hacking Team, according to leaked emails from the recent breach of the Italian company which have been posted on WikiLeaks, Engadget reported.

It was only the failure to come to terms over a non-disclosure agreement that kept Insitu and Hacking Team ‘teaming up’ together in order to create the malware infesting drone.

Early [...]

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July 20, 2015

Korean Spy’s Suicide Note Asks Hard Questions

Lee Byung-ho. Director of the NIS

Days ago South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) announced that it too had purchased hacking tools from cyber security pariahs, the Italian Hacking Team. Now the organization reveals one of its agents has been found dead in his car. The spy’s body was discovered beside a supposed suicide note that comments on the recent NIS revelation.

The NIS was originally established as the Korean Central Intelligence Agency in 1961. In 1999 the organization changed its moniker to reflect its present mission which reflects something of a mix between Foreign Intelligence and NSA-level Domestic Spying [...]

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