EA Has Been Hacked – Is Your Data Safe?


Video game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) is the latest big-name company to be hacked. First reported by Vice, the publication stated that hackers stole valuable information from the prominent gaming firm. The cybercriminals allegedly posted news of the data breach on underground hacking forums. What Are the EA Hackers Saying? The hackers claim to have … Read more

5 Cybersecurity Steps Every Business Must Take to Defeat Hackers

Hackers have officially entered their golden age. Attacks are becoming more widespread, yet many businesses aren’t prioritizing cybersecurity. If business owners knew the true cost of the average cyberattack, they would stop dragging their feet. The pandemic ushered in a new era of cybercrime. Malware increased by 358% in 2020. Google has registered over 2 … Read more

How to Protect Yourself From Hackers and Cybercriminals

hackers and profiles

Protecting yourself from hackers and cybercriminals is becoming a necessity. You must take every precaution against hackers as they can seriously damage your life. Below are the steps to prevent hackers and cybercriminals from accessing your online accounts, social media profiles, and data. Don’t Use Public Wifi. You should avoid using online services through public … Read more