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October 12, 2016

Is Russia Really Looking to Hack the U.S. Presidential Elections?

Hillary Clinton and her party believe it’s Russia’s fault that various scandals surrounding her and the Democratic National Committee have come to light in recent weeks. From the organization’s early unfair treatment of Bernie Sanders to the fact that the DNC knew Donald Trump was the candidate Hillary could most likely beat, and therefore pushed for him to be the Republican nominee, voters in this election have a clearer picture of what goes on behind closed political doors than perhaps any previous one.

Russia, and many other countries in the world, for that matter, have a vested interest in who will become the next US president. With one of the largest military forces and [...]

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September 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton Hacker Guccifer Gets 52 Months in Prison

Romanian hacker Marcel Lehel Lazar, known by his hacker moniker “Guccifer” was sentenced today to 52 months in prison. Lazard is known for hacking many major politicians such as Hillary Clinton, the Bush political family as well as the email and social media accounts of over 100 Americans, which he leaked online.

The now 44-year-old Marcel Lehel Lazar had a day job as a cab driver while carrying out hacking sprees that targeted prominent Americans, all the way from Romania. It wasn’t long before he rose to prominence himself, stateside. It was Lazar, popularly or infamously known by his nickname “Guccifer”, who first exposed the very existence of the much-debated private email [...]

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May 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton Email Hacker Says It Was “Easy”

 Romanian hacker Marcel Lehel, infamously known as “Guccifer” has, in an interview with Fox News from a Virginia jail, claimed that he breached Hillary Clinton’s “completely unsecured” private email server, repeatedly and easily.

42-year old Lehel, best known for his hacking prowess that compromised targets such as former US President George Bush and several celebrities including Steve Martin and Leonardo di Caprio, allegedly, has revealed details of his breach of Hillary Clinton’s email account.

Speaking to Fox News who queried him if it was easy or hard to gain access to Hillary Clinton’s email account, Guccifer stated:

For me, it was easy…easy for me, for [...]

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March 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton Email Hacker to Be Extradited to the US

Romanian hacker Marcel Lehel, also known by his hacker handle “Guccifer” is being extradited to the United States to face charges of computer intrusion and identity theft following several hacking incidents of former and current leaders and celebrities.

42-year old Romanian hacker Lehel, best known for hacking sprees that involved hacking and publishing artwork and emails belonging to former US President George W. Bush and the emails of several celebrities including Steve Martin and Leonardo di Caprio is now facing trial in the US following Romania’s approval for his extradition.

Speaking to Reuters, a Romanian source said:

The [top court of Romania] approved an [...]

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