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November 26, 2015

Circuit Board Health Monitoring Tech Tattoos Are Already Here

Biometric tattoos do not require surgical implants.

Ben Lamm, CEO of Chaotic Moon, is understandably excited while talking about his company’s innovation. Dubbed ‘Tech Tats’, the tattoo kit, now in the prototype stage, will collect and transmit data similar to the Jawbone or Apple Watch. The tattoo, which washes off, will send data to medical staff and can also have military applications.

Eco-Friendly, Non-Invasive Platform

Lamm described the tattoo as an eco-friendly, non-invasive platform use that turns a person into a “human circuit board.”

It can monitor body temperature to detect stress-based sweat, hydration level [...]

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November 11, 2015

Cyborgs Are Coming! Biohackers Implant LEDs Under The Skin

Fitness bracelets and Apple Watches are passé. Tattoos that shine LED lights from implanted computer chips are the new thing, courtesy of biohackers. 

Grindhouse Wetware, a Pittsburgh, Pa.-based biohacking collective, has developed a skin implant that includes LED lights, according to Motherboard. The purpose of the Northstar implant is to emulate bioluminescence, a type of light that fireflies and certain jellyfish produce.

Shawn Sarver, who works on the development team, said the collective was contacted by people in the biohacking community who wanted to light up their tattoos.

Tim Cannon, the collective’s co-founder, has worn such an implant for two years and [...]

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