Hacked: Hacking Finance

Hacked: Hacking Finance

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Facebook Looking into “Disrupting Economics” of Fake News Sites

Posted on November 22nd, 2016.

In a Facebook post Friday night, founder of the popular social network Mark Zuckerberg took time to outline the steps the company will take to tackle its “fake news” problem, which has been a hot topic in the wake of the election. One way the social media behemoth plans on doing that is by making sure fake news sites...



Viral Disinformation Warning: Fake News Are Taking over Facebook

Posted on November 14th, 2016.

Today’s news: Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford voted for Donald Trump, the Republican President-elect of the US, because the liberals want to take away their money; Melania Trump filed to divorce her husband, Donald Trump; Donald Trump himself said to People Magazine that Republicans are the dumbest group of voters; All the news above...