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November 16, 2015

Apple Kicks f.lux Out of iOS For Side Loading

Side loading is a technique for Apple iOS which involves using Xcode to install a piece of software.

F.lux is a popular desktop program, cross-platform, which allows the user to automatically adjust the brightness of their screen based on the time of day. The developers had recently created an iOS version but found a normal installation was not possible without requisite APIs in iOS, and so encouraged users to install the app using the Xcode method.

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Then Apple contacted the people at f.lux and told them they were being naughty. The developers quickly complied with the [...]

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January 7, 2015

Digital Eye Strain Study Reports 95 Percent of Americans at Risk Due to Device Brightness

We’ve all had those long days, slaving over a bright computer to get work done. Once we clock out, we head home and watch TV or stare at our phones into the night. After all the lights are out, we lay in bed and do some last-minute social networking or gaming before bed. Eventually, we fall asleep, wake up and start again by picking up our phones and checking our missed Snapchats.

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