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July 15, 2016

Hackers Attempt to Extort Polish Defense Ministry for $50,000 in Bitcoin

A hacker group that calls itself “Pravvy Sector” is trying to extort the government of Poland for $50,000 in traditional money or bitcoin, with the threat of releasing stolen data from the country’s Defense Ministry.

Pravvy Sector or “Right Sector”, a hacking group that – as its name implies – has far-right leanings is threatening to release data it purportedly stole from Poland’s Defense Ministry. Unless of course, the government coughs up $50,000 as a ransom payment.

The group made its threat via its Twitter account.

“This is the last warning,” a tweet read. “[A]nd if the Polish Gov. dnt pay us $50k we will publish all the logs in public within few [...]

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June 28, 2015

Cybersecurity Firm Tiversa Accused of Extortion

Large corporations and government organisations are often targets for hackers, and as a result, rely on cybersecurity firms to provide security guidance. However, in an ironic twist, one cybersecurity firm may have actually hacked its own clients. Tiversa is a Pittsburgh-based security consultancy, and according to an ex-employee, Tiversa stages data breaches to extort clients.  

Tiversa’s Mafia-Style Tactics

According to Richard Wallace, the whistleblower accusing Tiversa of fraud, Tiversa engages in mafia-style shakedowns to pressure potential clients. Wallace gave his testimony in a federal court in May, and according to a transcript obtained by CNNMoney, [...]

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