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October 6, 2015

EU Court: US Safe Harbor Scheme Invalid

US companies have made a habit in the last several years of locating data centers in Ireland in order to serve European customers. These companies include Google, Microsoft, and, most importantly for this article, Facebook.

Austrian citizen and privacy activist Maximillian Schrems decided to lodge a complaint against Facebook to the Irish Data Protection Commissioner in 2014, citing revelations brought by the Edward Snowden leaks which showed the US had little regard for privacy laws. The Data Protection Commissioner decided not to review the case on the grounds that under a 2000 arrangement, known as the “Safe Harbor Scheme,” the data was adequately protected in transmission [...]

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October 5, 2015

TPP, TTIP, & TISA: Secret Trade Negotiations Threaten Government Sovereignty and Individual Rights

Free speech, including the right to protest, can no longer be taken for granted. According to a newly-released WikiLeaks video (below), multinational corporations have already successfully sued governments on the basis of corporate profits being affected by certain laws. And as the international trade negotiations continue in secret, this corporate power will expand and exert greater control over governments and citizens. These were among one of the bomb shells of the WikiLeaks video detailing international trade negotiations that most citizens are not aware of.

WikiLeaks, a non-profit organization, has made headlines for information it has made public since 2010.

The [...]

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