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January 23, 2015

A World Where Solar Land is More Valued than Farm Land

As fossil fuels lose their attractiveness the industrialized world has a fairly big problem. The problem might actually be big enough to threaten various stages of collapse in various region around the world – in other words, the world being forced to transition from fossil fuels could get ugly, and might threaten the investments of a lot of very rich people. The ensuing decrease in services could have a decidedly Dystopian quality. A lot of people could get hurt.

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January 10, 2015

The Worst Possible Scenario – Humanity Stuck on This Damn Dirt Ball

Humans evolved in a context of horrendous competition. The default state for the vast majority of humans in human history was brutish, violent, very short and miserable.  While Pleistocene humans lived fairly sedate lives (with skeletal evidence showing not much evidence of injury or starvation), as soon as populations started sharply increasing (at the ice melted at the end of the last ice age), there is evidence that human populations succumbed to ever increasing tribal violence.

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