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October 1, 2015

Interview: e-Estonia Doesn’t Think You Know How Awesome e-Citizenship Is Yet

e-Estonia could make your life easier. The project offers more than 3,000 services improving life for many people in Estonia right now. As a representative from the project tells Hacked, “It is not yet quite understood how many e-services Estonia has and how deeply it has integrated Estonians life making it more time-and cost-efficient.” Here are just some of the services:

e-Cabinet e-Law e-Police e-Prescription e-School Electronic Health Record m-Parking

These are just a few of the services e-Estonia features. The initiative just held an e-Residency hackathon from September 11-13th on the Estonian island of Vormsi.

e-Estonia seeks to become a digital [...]

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September 2, 2015

We Spoke With Garage 48, The Hacker Space Hosting The e-Estonia Hackathon

Estonia’s e-Resident program intends to create a digital identity for “e-Estonians.” What’s more, you can become an e-Estonian even as a non-resident of this country bordered by Latvia, Russia, and the Gulf of Finland. Estonia and the Estonian hacker space, Garage48, have partnered in order to drive the program forward.

Developments towards an e-Estonia are set to continue with an e-Residency hackathon set to take place September 11-13th on the Estonian island of Vormsi.

e-Estonia portends to be a digital nation where one can set up a business in less than an hour; tax declaration takes just a few minutes, and involved parties sign contracts digitally. Estonia wishes to [...]

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