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October 28, 2015

Dridex Malware Targets Users with a Fake IKEA Receipt

The developers of the infamous Dridex malware have stepped up a gear in their creative means to get around law enforcement by tailoring a new spam campaign using IKEA’s brand name.

Dridex malware developers have launched a new spam campaign today by sending emails purporting to be one from IKEA, to targeted users, reports Heimdal Security.

Dridex was first spotted late last year in a spam campaign that generated as many as 15,000 phishing emails a day. Predominantly targeting UK users, the malware strain has also spread across Europe and other countries beyond the continent.

The FBI dealt a blow to the malware operation earlier this month, but the malware strain [...]

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October 14, 2015

Feds and White Hats Put the Brakes on Bank-Swindling Botnet – Dridex

Law enforcement agencies from around the world and private cybersecurity companies have come together to stop a far-reaching botnet that infected hundreds of thousands of computers every year to steal money from targeted banks. The mastermind behind malicious botnet has also been arrested.

Multiple law enforcement agencies and several cybersecurity firms have seized control of a network of infected computers that spread the infamous Dridex (formerly Bugat) malware, a malicious exploit designed to spy on victim’s machines to steal banking credentials with the ultimate aim of breaking into bank accounts and steal cash.

According to estimates, the botnet is responsible for [...]

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