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December 26, 2015

Feds Charge Hacker With Trying To Sell Stolen TV Scripts, Sex Tapes And Private Information

Federal prosecutors have charged a Bahamas man with felony criminal copyright infringement and identity theft for hacking 130 celebrities’ email accounts and stealing unreleased movie scripts, sex tapes and Social Security numbers, according to The New York Times.

Alonzo Knowles, 23, appeared in Federal District Court in New York City on Tuesday and was ordered detained. Clay Kaminsky, his attorney, declined to comment. Each of the charges carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

Hacker Contacts Radio Host

It all started when a famous radio host received an email with an offer for scripts from the first six episodes of an upcoming hit TV drama. After [...]

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December 22, 2015

Iranian Hacking Of New York Dam Signals Wider Cyber Threat

A classified incident where Iranian hackers infiltrated a dam less than 20 miles from New York City two years ago underscores a major threat to the U.S. power grid, factories, pipelines, bridges and dams, according to a front-page story in today’s Wall Street Journal. The story notes the incident occurred amidst concerns that the Iranians had attacked U.S. banks.

The dam breach came a few years after U.S. spies damaged an Iranian nuclear facility using a computer worm.

Unlike a conventional war, a cyber attack can be hard to track. In the case of the New York dam, investigators first thought the intended target was a dam in Oregon.

Leon Panetta, then-U.S. Defense [...]

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October 20, 2015

Teen Hackers Socially Engineered Way Into CIA Director’s Private E-Mail

The federal government is sure to be looking for a teenage hacker and two of his friends now that they’ve gone public with a rather embarrassing fact: by pretending to be a Verizon employee, they were able to get personal information about CIA Director John Brennan.

This personal information, such as the last four digits of his credit card, were useful in resetting the director’s AOL account password. Against all reason, this AOL account contained highly sensitive government documents the director had forwarded to himself from work.

Speaking to Wired Magazine, the hackers said of their Verizon social engineering attack, “[W]e told them we work for Verizon [...]

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